Herstellung einer Pouchzelle.

Our Research

Production of a pouch cell.

Our research activities focus on new and progressive approaches in the areas of energy storage, light-energy conversion and clean tech. In all three fields, the CEEC Jena can rely on a broad expertise in the development of different materials - from ceramics over glasses to carbons as well as polymers. In addition, we have extensive expertise in the characterization of the materials across different length scales from the molecular level, e.g, using spectroscopic methods, to macroscopic material investigation, e.g., by means of scattering methods. The achieved characteristics of the developed materials are of high interest regarding their application in energy storage systems as well as in the entire field of electrochemistry.

Grafik Image: FSU Jena / Martin Hager, Alexandra Lex-Balducci

Our research is divided into three areas:

Eine Redox-Flow-Batterie
Energy Storage
Learn more about our energy storage systems!
Solarzellen werden unter UV-Licht getestet.
Light-Energy Conversion
Learn more about our research on light-energy conversion!
Ein Messgerät bei der Arbeit.
Clean Tech
Learn more about our studies in Clean Tech!
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