A researcher working at a glovebox.


A researcher working at a glovebox.

Study programmes

M.Sc. “Chemistry – Energy –

The interdisciplinary master's program "Chemistry - Energy - Environment" incorporates contents from the field of energy and environmental research and thus reflects the research orientation of the CEEC Jena at the teaching level. The focus is on the fields of electrochemistry and modern energy systems, sustainable and modern synthesis processes and environmental processes.

The members of the CEEC Jena are active in the field of teaching. In addition, students can carry out their (research) internships and master theses in the participating working groups.

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M.Sc. "Chemistry of Materials"

The international study programme Chemistry of Materials is research-oriented and provides, based on the education in a qualified undergraduate degree programme, the ability to work independently in a modern, interdisciplinary field at the interface between chemistry, physics and materials science. The study programme provides extensive knowledge of synthesis, chemistry and the properties of novel functional materials. The entire spectrum from the molecule via nanoscale materials to the bulk materials will be discussed. A particular focus is given on advanced methods of industrial materials synthesis and chemical processing, such as nanomaterials, thin films, macromolecular materials, glasses and ceramics, and materials for energy. In these fields, both extensive experimental-analytical skills and computer simulation from atomistic to meso- and macroscopic length scale are of particular interest.

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Job offers

Sorry, we don't have any vacancies at the moment.

Unsolicited applications

For unsolicited applications, please send your CV, a letter of motivation and, if applicable, letters of recommendation from your academic supervisors to the office of the CEEC Jena.

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